Donna Noakes Counselling Service - "Helping People Gain Control Over Their Lives"

Donna Noakes OttawaI am a Registered Social Worker and have been employed as a Mental Health Therapist for Family Health Teams since graduating with my Master of Social Work from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2006.  From years of working in the helping profession I have a strong belief in the resilience of the human spirit and see this confirmed each day in my practice.  Helping people work through the strain and difficulties that life can bring and helping them find their own resilience is rewarding. It is sometimes about carrying hope for people until they can carry hope for themselves and it is always a rich experience.  

 I have many hours of clinical time and practice as a generalist, seeing a wide variety of people with multi-faceted issues. I am comfortable working with Individuals,Couples or Families.     

 Life is about living and the focus of care is often about increasing functioning despite the challenges that life brings and setting goals that are centred on the client’s desire for change.

 It is said that life is a journey, and it is always my pleasure to join with people in that journey especially at the most difficult times in their life.                                    


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